Over 10 different routes into the Rocky Mountains to choose from as well as dozens of local ATV trails that are maintained by Peace Rokon and the Grizzly Valley ATV club.

  • Some routes are only passable at low water.
  • Some routes are inaccessible in the winter.

Prepare for sudden weather changes in the mountains.  Always let someone know where you are headed and when you expect to return.

Some available tours (Contact us today for more info on Availability / Pricing):

Monkman Highway – Gunn Lake – Kinuseo falls

Mt. Spieker

Ratlake Rd – Stony Lake

Coming Soon!

Kinuseo Creek Rd (Honeymoon to Kinuseo Creek) Quintette & Hambler Lakes

Coming Soon!

Five Cabin Road to Kinuseo Creek or Quintette & Hambler Lakes